Senran Kagura coming to North America

Finally, the news that all Moe fans have been waiting for – Senran Kagura is getting a western release- coming as a 3DS download title this Autumn. For those of you who don’t know what Senran Kagura is? At it’s core it’s a game about sexy ninja schoolgirls with colossal breasts getting their clothes ripped off.


It also happens to be a very well made scrolling beat-em-up with, between fan service, a pretty engaging story and decent character progression.


Senran Kagura


Senran Kagura: Burst features both stories from Skirting Shadows and Crimson Girls – which charts the exploits of two rival ninja academies – both good and bad. Wisely, the game will retain Japanese voices and English subtitles.



Gameplay wise, Senran Kagura is as frenetic a scrolling beat-em-up as you could hope for, with a decent fighting system and plenty of customisation and unlock options as well as a host of characters to chose from.


Senran Kagura is one of those titles that we’ve long wished to see a localisation of, so to see it finally make it’s way to Western shores is a big relief.



All we need now is confirmation of a European release. I wonder who could be looking after that one… 😉


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