Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Limited Edition Figures & Bundle Revealed

If there’s one thing we love at Rice Digital it’s Senran Kagura, so naturally any news on an Estival Versus Limited Edition is enough to get us sweaty with that dreadful beast named anticipation. I even keep a copy of the Shinovi Syllabus on my desk. I’m not even joking. Famitsu revealed some tasty tidbits regarding the Limited Editions, and now my vision is going blurry.


The game is coming out for both PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita, each having slightly different Limited Edition bundles. Both versions come with five Niitengo figures, a drama CD, an arranged soundtrack CD, and the game in a special box. But depending on which version you buy (though, ideally, both) you’ll get a different set of figures, meaning there will be ten in total to snatch up. I’m going to have to clear some space on my mantelpiece that stands over the fire of my burning desire to own these limited editions. Also, my literal fireplace. The fireplace that I keep in my well stocked anime room. It is locked at all times and I have the only key. Don’t go in there, Jennifer. It’s for your own good.


Death Cram School figures Estival Versus Limited
Death Cram School figures from the PlayStation 4 Limited Edition


kaguraev_07_thumb-Estival Versus Limited
Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy figures from the PlayStation Vita Limited Edition



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