Senran Kagura pre-order bonus revealed

As I mentioned last week, MAQL were set to announce their pre-order incentive for the physical release of Senran Kagura Burst on Nintendo 3DS. Those of you buying from Game in the UK, or ‘selected retailers’ across Europe will receive…


*drumroll please*


An A3, 3D lenticular poster of (no word of a lie) the Senran Kagura artwork I have on my desktop RIGHT NOW. It’s like someone at MAQL has been stalking me.


Anyway – here’s what you get!




I quite like these lenticular images, you get some pretty cool ones at MCM Expo. I’ve not seen this specific one, of course, but I would imagine that if you push your face right up against it, it will be like you’re REALLY on the beach in among the Hanzo girls!


Frolicking in the surf!


Before reaching out and TOUCHING THEM!


It will be  the next best thing to having five bikini-clad girlfriends of your very own




I for one, fully approve of this pre-order bonus. You can get it right here!

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