Our Senran Kagura Rude Food Competition Goes to Voting Stage

On Nov 11 we announced a super cool Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! tie-in competition, where entrants could win PSN credit and Senran Kagura figures. Well, entries are now closed, and we received an awful lot of really great ones. We can’t decide which ones we like best, but luckily that’s never been something we’ve had to do!



That’s because the winners of our Senran Kagura Rude Food competition will be decided by the community. We’ve created a Facebook album over at the Official Senran Kagura Community where you can go and cast your “likes” for your favourites. The top five pictures will all win a set of the five Senran Kagura figures, and the overall winner will get the figures and also £42 of PSN credit, courtesy of our good friends at Marvelous Games.


group-Senran Kagura Rude Food


So what are you waiting for? Go and vote! Don’t act like you don’t want to peep our rude food anyway!


May the rudest win! ^-^



Senran Kagura isn’t the only thing heating up this week. Our hands are burning to hold the controller that will enable us to play Persona 4 Arena Ultimax oh so very soon. It comes out on the 21st! And we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE Junes t-shirt in addition to the tarot cards when you pre-order with us. That’s just golden. Well, it’s not Golden at all, it’s Arena Ultimax — and that’s just fantastic! ^-^



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