Senran Kagura Rude Food Competition Winners

We received a lot of entries for our Senran Kagura Rude Food competition, and they were all great! We’re pretty happy the results were down to community choice, as picking a winner would have been way too hard! The results are in, and you can the five winners right here. All will receive the set of five Senran Kagura figures, and #1 also gets £42 PSN credit! Without further ado:


5th Place: Arbitor765noob


sk-yumi-buns-arbitor765noob-Senran Kagura Rude Food


4th Place: Joneziwii


tomatoes-joneziwii-Senran Kagura Rude Food


3rd Place: AuramasterXD


banana-cake-auramasterXD-Senran Kagura Rude Food


2nd Place: Ktullanyx


curry-rice-ktullanyx-Senran Kagura Rude Food


1st Place: Sterni Christiano

fully-edible-kitsuragi-sterni-christinao-Senran Kagura Rude Food


A big thanks to all who entered, and of course Marvelous Games for donating the prizes and also making some great Senran Kagura games! Especially Senran Kagura Bon Bon Appétit! which ties into this competition and is available here!


Here are some honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the cut:


Entered by Kittystardraco


Entered by qcpgameworks


Entered by Jamyfang


Entered by Chopemon


Entered by Futanari Chan


All of the entries can still be seen on the Senran Kagura Facebook Page.


The winner, Sterni Christiano, made a really detailed entry! Here’s their full explanation:


when I knew about this contest I said “Who (or What) is more rude in Senran Kagura than Katsuragi ??? No one …But
Unfortunately she is not a food … so … why not turn her into somenthing edible ???”

I Made this (partially Edible XD) Katsuragi with: Boobs with a couple of delicious cakes, the name of the cakes in my language is “Torta Paradiso” or “Torta Margherita”, (Besides both Boobs and cakes are delicious XP)
, Then the super secret “Ninja” (Cooking) scroll between the Cakes (Boobs XD) it’s a “Rotolone Ripieno di Crema Pasticcera e Liquore Alkermes” and the whole skin is made of Pizza’s Dough (The 2 cakes are covered in pizza’s Dough),
The clothes are Real and the hair with some parts of the face are drawn !!!
And … About the title … I’m not sure yet, but the first thing that comes to mind is:

Ah yes … and the nipples are made with a couple of candies XD

Katsuragi saying “Wanna have a taste of me ???”

oh and Sorry if some detailes here and there are not the same as the original character or not so well polished, but doing this within a day was quite time-consuming XD












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