Seraph of the End Season One Part Two Review (Anime)

Universal recently released the second cour of Seraph of the End and their release is just as good as the first — the anime itself is brilliant and the collector’s edition is gorgeous. Riveting in all the right ways, you’ll be yearning for a full second season by the time season one comes to an end.

Continuing on from where the first cour ends, the war between humans and vampires has become more aggressive with a brutal, bloody battle happening in Nagoya. The first cour already saw a lot of bloodshed but the second cour sees more fights and dire consequences, with a massive battle that runs the course of the entire cour. It shows no mercy and some of the deaths are notably gruesome but it tells a serious, heartfelt story — with strokes of humour — that leaves you wanting more. I have little to complain about other than a pretty abrupt end with plans for a second season which have yet to be confirmed!

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You’ll be yearning for a full second season by the time season one comes to an end.

Several new twists and developments are made with the meeting of old friends Yuu and Mikaela, with Yuu being on the side of humanity and Mikaela on the side of the vampires, and seeing how they react to each other after such a long time is intense. The rippling effect that a human and a vampire could be friends is explored and is the catalyst for a lot of following events. Yuu and Mikaela’s meeting is also one of the main plot lines of the show and has continued from the early episodes of the first cour and Studio WIT, and author Takaya Kagami, juggle a lot of characters whilst giving them unique designs and major roles in the story.

Studio WIT’s art style stands out and with good reason — they’re extremely talented and their work is consistently amazing. Their use of colours are vivid and bright, and their handling of action scenes pack the punch that they deserve. The character designs in general are unique from one another and so it’s easy to differentiate between characters, but their designs tied in with the art style make them incredibly easy on the eyes and it’s a joy to watch them. There’s a notable amount of bloodshed in the second cour, more so than the first, but there’s nothing overly graphic — there are blood sprays but nothing visceral.

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Goes from strength to strength

Seraph of the End boasts an outstanding English voice-over and I wouldn’t be amiss to say that it’s one of the best ones out there, with perfect casting and directing. Consisting of a cast making bigger names for themselves, Micah Solusod, Justin Briner, Dave Trosko, Felicia Angelle, Chris Burnett and Ian Sinclair play the lead characters and do a wonderful job in doing so. Seraph of the End packs in plenty of action and is quite an emotionally driven show, and the voice talent delivers in all aspects. You can watch it in Japanese too if you prefer, and you can’t go wrong with either voice-over.

Seraph of the End Season One Part Two is a great continuation of the story and goes from strength to strength, providing an engaging ride that never lets up. Universal’s release comes with OVA episodes that parody the series, and it comes with an array of high quality goodies including a double-sided poster, artcards, character cards and a character book with art and cool information. Seraph of the End is an easy recommendation that juggles several genres and themes very well and it’s a shame that we likely won’t see more of the series animated for a while as, at the time of airing, the final episode caught up with where the manga was currently at. Fingers crossed when there’s more content we’ll see a new season, though!

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