Sexy Persona 5 cosplay

It was only a matter of time before I listed some sexy Persona 5 cosplay . You know it, I know it – it’s fair to say sexy Persona 5 cosplay listing was a ‘thing’ that ‘needed’ to happen. You could even be forgiven for give for asking – “ILJG, why haven’t you posted Sexy Persona 5 cosplay sooner?” And there are TWO very good reasons for that…


1/ I’ve only just finished Persona 5 because, you know, some of us have jobs to go to.


2/ yesterday, at said job, I accidentally, clicked a link that took me to some hardcore boy-on-boy Harry Potter hentai. Nothing wrong with that as such, only I only noticed what had happened when I returned to my work desk some 30 minutes later. For reference, my monitor faces outwards into a large open plan office and it is safe to say… questions were asked.


So let’s think of this as a pallette cleanser of sorts. I need the office to know that I’m realigning my weeb compass because, honestly, who on earth likes Harry Potter?!


Anyway, Sexy Persona 5 Cosplays – lets turn this into a little game shall we? Look at the pictures! Then, in the comments section – why not try to guess who my BEST GIRLS is! ^_^




Sexy Persona 5 cosplay - Futaba



Sexy Persona 5 Cosplay - Futuba



I’m leading with Futaba Sakura – and don’t think for one moment it’s because of her lovely Asuka Langley coloured locks, no sirreee. In some ways I can identify with Futaba more than any of the other Persona 5 characters, her somewhat introvert personality, the agoraphobic tendencies and the love of thigh high, Impossibly Tight Short-Shorts.




Sexy Persona 5 Cosplay - Anne Takamaki






Sexy Persona 5 cosplay - Anne




I think for many Anne is going to be default Best Girl – but I don’t play be the rules people! You could say I’m the kind of guy who develops an irrational love for bit parts and side characters like some kind of disgusting Best Girl hipster. On the other hand though, I can’t look at cosplays of Anne without immediately thinking of Danganronpa’s Junko – who I briefly had a cosplay obsession with, and even wrote some interesting poetry about.  So you know… I am easily swayed.






Sexy Persona 5 Cosplay - Yusuke 2



One minute you’re at your friends house for tea (and maybe a couple of games of Mario Kart before you do your science assignment) and the next he’s asking your opinion on his artwork. “Er… I quite like the, um, composition here” you mumble, and add awkwardly “I like what you’ve done with the shadows…”


The next minute, everything’s gone a bit hazy and your friend’s tugging at your school blazer. “Paint me like one of your Japanese boys” you pant breathlessly.


“shhhhhh” his finger reaches delicately toward his lips… and softly whispers into your ear – “Protag? It’s fish fingers and spaghetti hoops for dinner, is that okay?”




Sexy Persona 5 cosplay - Tae Takemi 1


Sexy Persona 5 cosplay - Tae Takemi 2



Persona 5 pro tip – rank Takemi up early for a very useful SP recovery item. This in’t the reason why she’s on my list, of course – that would be way too practical. Nothing remotely sexy ever happened by being practical. Nope, the only reasons she’s on the list are:


a) Sexy. In the way that only sexy doctors can be.


b) Because who doesn’t like drugs. Prescription, recreational – with or without alcohol? Contrary to common belief, they’re all good. 


c) there’s something outrageously creepy about the way she wants you to ‘test’ her ‘medicine’ and then is just standing over you, watching, when you wake up. She starts texting you after that, so, you know… that’s kind of hot, right?




Sexy Persona 5 cosplay - Makoto






You can’t even make her a confidant until you reach a certain intelligence level. Which, to my mind, makes her immediately desirable, and yet also painfully unobtainable. In the ‘real world’ she is far to good for me – and after sending me a somewhat glib rebuke via text on a Tuesday night, I’d turn to my old friends ‘Anadin Extra’ and a ‘Bottle of Red wine’ until around 10.30pm, whereupon I’d peel myself off the sofa and maybe cry a little before I go to sleep.




So there you go – currently these are the only sexy Persona 5 cosplay I can find. Maybe I’ll update once the internet warms up – or once Anime Con season has come to a close…

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