Sexy Pokemon cosplays that you may find arousing

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re brain deep in your weekly Excel spreadsheet report – the next, you notice your boss leave for the morning, and before you know, it you’re frantically searching deviant art for sexy Pokemon cosplays because you were thinking of buying Mystery Dungeon at lunchtime. 



And if you weren’t looking at SexyPokemon cosplays before? You definitely are now…



Pokemon Cosplays


ME-OWTH! That’s right!

(this is actually, all I have to say about this one – other than you might like to check out some of Jessica’s other cosplays).


SOURCE: JessicaUshiromiyaSan


Pokemon cosplay


Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a decent Nurse Joy cosplay? They vary from the usual – ‘I’m in a hotel lobby, holding a Chancey’  to ‘I’m trying so hard to be  sexy that I’m not even cosplaying anymore’. This is why I’ve gone for this one – she might be in some kind of cafeteria (nurses have to eat, right?) but she’s pretty, kinda cute and seems nice enough to bring home to your mother – just how Nurse Joy should be.

SOURCE: TheBird-TheBee


Hot Pokemon Cosplay


I love this cosplay series – an amazingly well done Officer Jenny with lovely photos. Check out the rest of the Officer jenny gallery here…

SOURCE: Mostflogged


Sexy Pokemon Cosplay

Oh Hilda – there are NO shortage of pretty cosplays of YOU my dear. Which, I like to think, somehow makes the world a much better place. Personaly, this is number one on my Sexy Pokemon cosplays list.

SOURCE: Beethy


Sexiest Pokemon cosplays ever

I’m a little torn when it comes to girls dressing as Pokemon – mainly because it usually involves a nice dress in the appropriate colour, finished off with a nice headdress, or ears or a hat or something… but well, better that, than some unsightly furry contraption…

SOURCE: Gijinka


Elesa and Skyla cosplays

Two of my favouite characters – in decent cosplays – and, you know… together…

SOURCE: Zettai


Pokemon Cosplay Team Rocket


Jesse, forgoodness sake, when are you going to take that gel out of you hair? There isn’t enough room in this bed for the three of us! You looked very attractive being photographed next to that missile carrier but now? Now that we’re, you know… getting down to it… it’s kind of impractical.

SOURCE: Ryoko-Demon


Misty Cosplay Pokemon


Goodness gracious me! Misty – what has gotten into you! Don’t let Brock see you like this – you know how he gets…

SOURCE: Sirenamezzo



Pokemon Cosplay


Hmmm – Dat Bidoof!

Wait – what? I’m so sorry, I er… I’m not sure how this got here…

SOURCE: Never mind…



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