Sexy Sword Art Online Cosplays

Seeing as Hollow Fragment is out this week, and also given the fact I’ve not posted a cosplay compilation in a while, I thought this week would be as  good a time as any to round up my favourite sexy Sword Art Online cosplays! When it come to pretty girls in dresses, I can even turn a blind eye to Alfheim’s shortcomings! 


Almost! 🙂



The first of what will probably be many Undine Asuna cosplays. This one from JessicaUshiromiyaSan* particularly caught my eye because it looks like it could have been taken in the beer garden of my local pub.


There she is waiting for her veggie burger and chips and large glass of Pino Grigio (because I’m gallantly driving home) only, when she’s taken a sip, it’s clearly Sauvignon Blanc, which makes her a little bit annoyed – not because I got her order wrong or anything, but because it’s just another example, of how I don’t really listen to her properly.


“You know, maybe this isn’t working out after all – and I guess we shouldn’t just pretend that it is… you know what I mean. I think it would be better be if you drove me home now please”. Is something that she might possibly say.


It wasn’t taken in my local pub of course, I’m just saying it looks like it could have… and, er, you know… hypothesising about a possible scenario that might take place in such an establishment.







Is if me, or do the broadness of the leaves in the surrounding vegetation here make her look all the more tiny and pixie-ish? Like you could just slip her in your pocket? Or leave her on her mossy stone to be mauled by a Stegosaurus?


What’s that you say? Stegosauruses are Herbivores? And given the shape of the leaves this is more likely to be the Cretaceous period and so she’s just as likely to get eaten by a Majungatholus?


Well great. That’s ruined that little moment of irreverent humour hasn’t it. Thanks nerds.


So yeah, Yonor makes for a lovely Asuna from Alfheim online – arguably my least favourite of the Asuna variations. Mainly because she’s such a badass in the first story arc and is then made to be all weak and damsel-in-distress-ey in the second. Still, great cosplay.





This one looks like it was taken at the Holiday Inn by the airport. FUN FACT: I used to work in hotels quite a lot when I was studying – you know how irritating it is to clean up all those petals? Extremely.


I have no first hand experience in bedroom petal collection, but when I used to prowl the corridors of the hotel where I worked, flirting with the house-keeping staff, the general consensus was that cleaning the rooms of Romantic Weekend Away-ers was a sure fire way to ruin a monday morning.






I feel juuuuust a little bit guilty about posting this one for some reason – mainly because , well, it’s all about her shapely bottom which seems kinda super-objectifying. But I obviously don’t feel guilty enough about posting it because, well, I’ve posted it. And I guess Marinyan did have a photo taken of her bottom and have it posted to the internet, so maybe she’s okay with it too.


Marinyan’s Sinon cosplay really is smashing though. And while I’ll freely admit I do like this p̶a̶r̶t̶i̶c̶u̶l̶a̶r̶ ̶s̶h̶a̶p̶e̶l̶y̶ ̶b̶o̶t̶t̶o̶m̶  cosplay photo,  all of Marinyan’s cosplays and photos are great. You can check more of her great work below.






You know, I really really like this Lisbeth from Eli – she’s naturally pretty and a great fit for the character. So many Lisbeths go for the artificial freckles – which is kinda okay I guess, but personally, it always makes me think of Widow Twanky and those terrifying pantos I had to go to as a kid.


Eli’s Lisbeth somehow seems much more real and is one of my favourites because of it. I’m not going to make any jokes for this one, because I kind of fancy her a bit and I wouldn’t want her to read this and get upset by something I wrote on the internet. You never know, I might bump into her at a future Con or something and then would have to explain myself, and that would be really awkward – and all the time I’d be thinking I should ask her out for a coffee or something but I totally wouldn’t be able to because of all the shame I’d brought on myself and then Id get so flustered I’d just blurt out something idiotic like  ‘Marry me!’ in front of the whole internet and completely-


*deep breath*


Ugh, I’m doing it again.






Yeah, that’s right. It’s a man – and look at him, he’s very attractive! And I did promise everyone who’s taken the time to message me, that I wouldn’t make these compilations all about the girls. This awesome Kirito is by Phantom Lex who likes to do things properly. And by ‘propely’ I mean ‘in a studio in Denmark with a smoke machine’.


The last time I was in a studio in Denmark with a smoke machine, I was deported  before I could even retrieve my clothes.








Nyaomeimei’s Undine Asuna is just… wow… seriously angelic. Or should that be heavenly. Proof positive that great cosplay is as much about the costume as it is the photography. Perfect.


It’s just so damn ice cool, like she’s emerging from the fridge in my kitchen. Er… not that I keep girls in my fridge.


Really, I don’t.






Minimumdes has probably my favourite Silica cosplay. I have an aversion to cosplays where they feel they have to make a dragon to go along with it. Not sure why exactly.


Call me fussy, but maybe I’m just not that comfortable around girls who like to wield wield a Paper Mache creature with a rod jammed up its anus.






And all of a suddent being in Alfheim Online doesn’t seem so bad any- er, I mean, here are three excellent cosplays by cosplay group Mercas. Aka Ekame as Alicia, Rirukuo as Asuna and Mirakan as Leafa.


Maybe it’s the winter sunlight making them squint a bit – but neither of them look particularly impressed by what’s going on off camera.


‘Is that… is that a grown man in a Hello Kitty swimsuit, striding through the woods?’ Says Ruriko cautiously.


‘looks like his Bikini Line could do with some work…’ notes Aka Ekame, her faced slightly contorted in thinly veiled disgust…







Three more strapping young gentlemen for you SAO fans who like things a little more Bishonen. I figured only including ONE guy would be kinda worse than not including any at all.


Truth is, determining which guys are ‘sexy’ is not an easy thing. I can determine if they’re ‘attractive’ sure – because I have eyes – but the placing them on a ‘sexy’ scale is much harder. For example, for girls, personally I could say that one girl is less ‘attractive’ than another girl – but is considerable ‘sexier’. Making this kind of distinction with guys is much harder.


So forgive me if none-of-these-guys-are-particularly-sexy-thanks-very-much-for-nothing.





Lumis Mirage comes through with a very dreamy Lyfa cosplay. Not going to lie, have a thing for girls-lying-down-in-wild-flower-meadows. Maybe it’s just me romantaicising the whole set up?


Truth is you won’t find me within 100 meters of a wild flower meadow, not unless you dosed me up with 2500mg of Piriton the night before and had a fire engine on standby to jet-wash my eyeballs with Optrex.





Oh sweet mercy. This is some seriously homely cosplay right here. It’s like having Asuna in my actual house, looking out of my actual window.


By the look on her face, she’s probably not looking out of my actual window on a Wednesday morning, which is when the bin men come to take away my recycling. Or that fateful April morning when I watched a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, pecking baby Blue Tit chicks to death from the bird box which hangs against the tree in my garden.


I’m guessing that maybe there’s a rainbow outside or something. Maybe my next-door neighbour’s Cavachon puppy is playing on their patio. Whatever, Angie makes for an absolutely gorgeous Asuna-at-home cosplay.



After Angie, I’m not sure I’m going to find a better SAO cosplay, so I’m just going to leave it there.


Until next time.




*p.s – did you also know she looks amazing as money-grabbing Pokemon, Meowth?


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