Stop what you’re doing. Sexy Valkyrie Drive cosplay is outrageously hot.

“Why don’t you write for us anymore?” asked Rice Digital’s esteemed Editor, Oscar T K. The answer is simple. I need to be inspired. I need to FEEL IT. Sometimes I need something… special, to stir me into action. Today, my friends, today that thing is sexy Valkyrie Drive cosplay.


There are only four sexy Valkyrie Drive cosplay pics to enjoy, but as I think we can ALL AGREE – it’s not about volume, it’s about quality.


And my goodness… what quality.


*rapidly fans face*


Join me, friends, JOIN ME as I hypothesise as to what, EXACTLY could have brought these two lovely girls together into such an interesting predicament!


Valkyrie Drive Cosplay

What could be more natural, Mirei and Mamori – coming together as only GOOD FRIENDS do.


Valkyrie Drive Cosplay

A quiet moment together, a silent waltz perhaps – whispered secrets?


Valkyrie Drive Cosplay

Oh mercy.


Valkyrie Drive Cosplay


“Mirei? Mamori? You girls better not be making SUPER WEAPONS up there…”


“Uh… no Mum, we’re er… just doing our Chemistry homework”


Honestly, this is too much for me…


Here’s a fun fact for you. I am currently posting these sexy Valkyrie Drive cosplay pictures from work. It is fair to say that if someone saw what I was doing, I would probably get a verbal warning and/or be subject to some some disciplinary procedure.


On the plus side, the only people in my office right now are the cleaners, and they can totally see what I’m doing. But it doesn’t really matter because they already know I like to stay behind after work and scroll Tumblr for lewd. They’re blind to it now.


Oh, and before I forget, a link to the SOURCE because it would be rude not to.

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