Shenmue 3 Development Update

At this year’s E3 many grown men have shed tears during the revival of some of gaming’s most popular franchises. Following Shenmue 3’s announcement at E3, was its Kickstarter that raked in a record breaking $6,333,295 in the games category.



3 Months have passed since Yu Suzuki began work on the project and we already have our first results. The game finally has some nice shiny models to show off. Ryo looks fantastic and we now have a sneak look at how the buildings in the game will look.


The team is currently working on the maps, experimenting on the size and content of the locations, as well as the worlds inhabitants.

Shenmue 3 Dev Update 1


Shenmue 3 Dev Update 2


Shenmue 3 Dev Update 3


Shenmue 3 Dev Update 4


If for some chance you missed out Shenmue III’s Kickstarter campaign, you can still fund the project via their Slacker Backer Campaign.

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