Shenmue III Newest Update: PC Pre-Order, New Screenshots and More

As Shenmue 3 slowly but surely nears its release, more and more juicy details surface on this long awaited game. The development is well under way, with many of the scenarios nearing completion.




Motion capture advancing steadily, while voice acting has just begun. Yu Suzuki seems to be working day and night on brining fans exactly what they wanted.


“I have been completely absorbed in development Shenmue III recently, and often stay at the studio throughout the night to make it the best game possible. My life has become Shenmue both day and night, and I’m happy.”-Yu Suzuki

There are also three new screenshots. The has a beautiful temple basking the moon light with a mysterious figure on the top of a mountain. The next shows off stylish combat. While the final has a miniature forklift and cows, supposedly a new mini-game of sorts.








The official site,, was recently updated to offer pre-orders of the PC version. All sales will contribute to the stretch goals, promising to bring even more content to the game when it is finally released.


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