Shenmue III One Year Anniversary Update

It has been over a year since the dream of Shenmue III became a reality. After the success of the Kickstarter and PayPal campaign, it’s time to see Yu Suzuki’s progress in the past year with this ambitious project.



The initial development began by using Shenmue 2’s character models for battles and conversations in Unreal Engine 4. The first prototype of Shenmue III was built in January this year and that’s when the project really took off. The team is currently working hard on battles and facial expressions.


We still haven’t seen much gameplay, but this video shows off some sweet artworks.



Shenmue III was the highest-grossing Kickstarter video game, raking in over 6 million dollars. For now, the game is planned to come out for PlayStation 4 and PC and is scheduled to release in December 2017. For those still interesed in supporting the project you can do so via their official PayPal Slacker Backer Campaign.

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