Shenmue III Trailer Looks Pretty Rough

The first Shenmue III trailer has been released and it’s looking a lot rougher than I’d imagined it to be. A notable lack of facial expressions and a very small face for Ryo is jarring, and whilst I understand that it’s still in development, there’s just very little to be impressed by here.


shenmue iii trailer


Seriously, take a look below. After waiting so long, I’m surprised that this is the first real footage we’ve seen of Shenmue III. It might get away with it based on the fact that it’s the fabled Shenmue III and that it actually exists, but this trailer isn’t something that instills hope in me for the full game.



Pretty rough, isn’t it? It’s clearly unfinished and has a while until its release next year, but this isn’t what fans who’ve waited so long have wanted to see. Fingers crossed it’s a lot more expressive and detailed when it finally releases, because this doesn’t excite me at all. That said, the environments really are lovely.


Shenmue III releases on PS4 and PC late next year, and Deep Silver will be publishing it.

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