Shin Godzilla UK Cinema Screenings Extended From 40 to 100 Locations, Because Godzilla is Really Good

I’ve not seen Shin Godzilla yet — I will be attending one of the film’s limited screenings on 10th August, which just so happens to be my birthday. That’s the kind of clout I have. But nevertheless I know Godzilla is awesome. As does everyone else. Screenings have been so popular, location numbers have more than doubled.


Grab tickets for yourself and browse locations here (don’t forget to type your location in the red box).


I know, it’s very nice of me to share my birthday gift with the world. Previously the screenings were limited to 40 locations in the UK, but this has since been boosted to a whopping 100. It seems, thankfully, that people are still ready to pray at the church of Godzilla. Screenings are still limited to 10th August.



Shin Godzilla is the first Japanese made Godzilla film in 12 years, after Godzilla: Final Wars in 2004. It seems that a sequel may be planned, but it won’t be able to be made until after 2020, according to the film’s director. There is a CGI film coming this year, though.



The film has already been well received in other countries it’s screened in, such as Japan and North America. Over in the states the film first screened as Godzilla: Resurgence, but Toho have since decided to stick with the Shin Godzilla title for screenings and distribution since. That’s because it’s a much better title.


It’s actually quite interesting, as in Japan it’s spelt シンゴジラ — using katakana for the word “shin”. This actually makes it tricky to translate into English, as there’s no clear meaning for “shin” if it’s spelt like that. It could mean a lot of things, even possibly a combination of them, depending on interpretation — such as “god”, “heart”, “belief”, “faith”, “real”, “evolved”, etc.


Exclusive screenings of Shin Godzilla will be taking place across the UK at 100 locations on 10th August 2017 — you can book tickets here!

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