The Shoot ’em up Castle of Shikigami Released on Steam

 The Shoot ’em up Castle of Shikigami Released on Steam

Here is some good news if you’re into classic shoot ’em ups! Degica has released Castle of Shikigami on Steam, a game originally released in 2001 in Japan. It was later localized in North America and Europe under the name Mobile Light Force 2 but.. forget about that.


When XS Games first localized Castle of Shikigami for PS2, they re-titled the game Mobile Light Force 2 and removed its entire plot and characters.



Its new title (and “new” box art) implied it was the sequel of Mobile Light Force, which also suffered from the same adaptation problem. Mobile Light Force was the western version of Gunbird, another shoot ’em up that had nothing to do with Castle of Shikigami. The plot and the ending of Gunbird also disappeared in the process.



The game released on Steam today isn’t Mobile Light Force 2 but the original Castle of Shikigami localized by Degica Games. Here is an overview:

The Summer heat is scorching. Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Force has had enough. One after another, 32 female victims were found brutally murdered. Could this be the work of the occult? Call in the specialists!

Choose one of six characters and utlise their unique abilities to defeat the demons infesting modern-day Tokyo in this vertically scrolling shooting game. Use each character’s shot, special Shikigami attack and bomb to conquer each stage and it’s boss to ultimately discover who or what is behind “The Castle of Shikigami Incident”.

Game Features:
– Six playable characters with unique abilities and storylines
– Five multipart stages of nightmarish demons in a ghost-infested modern-day Japan
– Tension Bonus System that rewards risk
– Exploit the time system to boost your score
– Two-player local cooperative play
– Newly translated story mode and character bios
– Steam Achievements, Leaderboards and Trading Cards


Castle of Shikigami is now available on Steam.

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