SINoALICE Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

After being teased for weeks, Square Enix has finally unveiled SINoALICE’s gameplay. At a glance it might seem like those steretypical cutegirl mobile JRPGs, but scratch the surface a bit and you will uncover a unique and frighting world made by none other than Yoko Taro, the creative mind behind the NieR and Drakengard franchises.


Like those this title will have a big focus on the narrative. You will play as a variety of characters and their paths will slowly interlink as you progress through the story. Following the tradition of his previous games, you will be able to accumulate a large number of weapons each with its own disturbing story behind it. New to SINoALICE are the so called Job Stories which will show you characters’ backstories. While the gameplay might seem straightforward, there will be a focus on betrayal and we can’t wait to see how that will play out.


SINoALICE is scheduled to release this spring in Japan for Android and iOS and will include micro transactions.


Check out the gameplay trailer bellow:


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