SINoALICE Global celebrating 6-month anniversary with a new character class

After multiple delays — and a change in publisher — SINoALICE Global has now been available in the West for six months. To celebrate, Pokelabo and Square Enix are running multiple events, along with showcasing a brand new class.

The International class is brand new to SINoALICE, making its debut on both the Japanese and Global servers. Alice and Kaguya have received International variants, each based on a different country from around the world — hence their ‘International’ moniker.

SINoALICE International classes

Of course, a bunch of premium currency is being given away across most events that are currently ongoing. You’ll probably need it too if you’re trying to pull both new classes, though you are guaranteed at least one after enough pulls.

A full list of the many anniversary events currently taking place can be found on the official SINoALICE website, or though the game’s social media accounts.

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