Sonic Colors: Ultimate Patch 3.0 adds quality of life features, free content

Sonic Colors: Ultimate may have launched in a somewhat broken state, but a number of post-release patches have managed to fix many of its problems. Now, Sega has released another update for the remaster, adding in some new quality of life features and free cosmetics.

Patch 3.0 introduces the “Celebration Pack”, a set of cosmetics with a fireworks theme (kinda appropriate, considering that Sonic Colors: Ultimate was missing fireworks in one stage before being patched).

Among the simple changes such as blur toggles and improved visibility for the Cyan Wisp’s power, it’s now also possible to switch back to Sonic Colors’ original soundtrack if you’re after some nostalgia.

Rounding out the changes are some stability improvements and bug fixes. All welcome additions to this patch, even if it’s unfortunate that the remaster needed them to begin with.

Let’s hope that Sega allows the recently announced Sonic Fronters to have more time in development, if only to avoid yet another buggy release.

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