Sonic Forces is Officially Project Sonic 2017’s Title

Project Sonic 2017, the relatively bleak looking Sonic title revealed last year, has been officially revealed as Sonic Forces. It will be a follow up to Sonic Generations and Sonic Colours, which are seen as two of the best Sonic 3D titles to date, when it releases later this year.


It’s a brief trailer but it’s looking super good, and there’s confirmation that it will release later this year too. It’s going to have three play styles with the 3D and classic levels as seen in Generations, and a yet unrevealed third play style — any guesses on what it might be? It’s using a new engine known as the Hedgehog Engine 2, but so far it’s only being used to show Sonic moving forward at blistering speeds. You can watch a new CGI trailer right below it!




You can listen to the main theme below too, and it’s super catchy!



Sonic Forces is set to release later this year on PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC.

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