Sonic Mania & Miku’s Dominopolis Zone Looks Incredible

Sonic Mania is already a great game. The blood of fans courses through its veins, being itself made by prominent community fan hackers. Now that Mania is out on PC, that same community can now get their hands on it to mod, tweak, and delight. At the moment, Sonic Mania & Miku’s Dominopolis Zone is the pizza pie of my eye.


View the status of the mod here.



This work-in-progress mod by TrackerTD (with music contributions by MatrixMarioX) is Sonic Mania & Miku. Why is it not called Miku Mania? Well, as Tracker notes in the YouTube description for the above preview, Miku Mania is the name of a hentai game. Fair enough then.


The mod replaces Sonic with Hatsune Miku who is wearing a Sonic outfit. It also replaces elements of the environment design, and perhaps most importantly for Miku, some of the music too.



“Dominopolis”, the renamed version of Studiopolis, is a highlight of the work on the mod so far. The stage riffs on the hilarious, viral Japanese Domino’s Pizza App collaboration with Hatsune Miku.


Not only is the music a mash-up of the stage’s original music with the advert, but it also replaces various elements of the stage with Domino’s Pizza branding, such as the television antenna vans.



It also looks like Tracker has even gotten “Scott” from Domino’s pizza to replace Eggman on the TV screens, which is incredibly hype.



Sonic Mania & Miku is based on Tracker’s self-proclaimed “terrible” Miku the Diva in Sonic 1 ROM hack.


Sonic Mania and Miku intends to be what Miku in Sonic 1 should have been. Less lazy sprite editing, more considerable overhauls to stage graphics, and even some auditory bliss (courtesy of MatrixMarioX). With any luck, it may actually wind up being the first full Mania mod that isn’t just pasting entirely existing sprites into the place of Sonic’s sheet (sticking to these animations is murder, to be fair).


The status page on Tracker’s blog will be updated with how progress on the mod is coming along.


But still, even if it just ends up being Dominopolis, it will be a job well done. The fusion between Miku’s show-biz background and her Domino’s crossover merge extremely well with the glitz and glamour of the Sonic Mania original Studiopolis.

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