Takashi Iizuka Announce 2017 Sonic Game, Signs Pencil Case (Years Ago)

Sonic recently celebrated his and its 25th anniversary since Sonic the Hedgehog first did a big loop into the hands of Mega Drive/Genesis owners on 23rd June 1991. To celebrate the anniversary the had a nice little event in Tokyo, during which the head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka, confirmed a 2017 Sonic game.




As a side note, I do have a signed Sonic pencil case by Takashi Iizuka. He seemed like a nice guy, though I didn’t get to speak to him really. It was still nice of him to take the time to sign it in any case. I didn’t plan to have him sign the pencil case, but the opportunity to have him sign something came up. Unfortunately I don’t always carry around sonic merch with me. Fortunately, I do carry around stationary. And on that day, I was carrying a Sonic pencil case. Sometimes magic just happens, and that was that day.


Thanks for signing the pencil case!


Anyway, more details about the 2017 Sonic game will follow on Sonic’s anniversary party, which is on 22nd July for some reason and not on Sonic’s actual anniversary. The last Sonic game Sonic Team worked on was Sonic Runners, the well-received mobile game which is having its servers shut down 27th July, a week after the anniversary, which is a bit depressing I suppose. Hopefully everyone will be too excited about Sonic Adventure 3 or whatever by then to be too sad about it.




Debatably there hasn’t been a mainline Sonic game since the very mixed Sonic Lost World in 2013, unless you count the abysmally received Sonic Boom games (well, mainly the Wii U one), of which there is a new one, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for Nintendo 3DS in September. The 3DS Sonic Boom games are both developed by Sanzaru Games.


Stay tuned around 22nd July to find out more information about whatever this special 25th anniversary Sonic game from Sonic Team will be!

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