Sony reportedly closing PSP, PS3, and Vita stores this year

According to a report by TheGamer, Sony are planning on closing the digital stores for the PSP, PS3, and Vita in a few months’ time.

Starting on July 2, both the PSP and PS3 stores will close, removing your ability to buy digital games on either platform. A month later on August 27, the same will happen for the Vita.

It’s a final blow to the Vita, which Sony has mishandled many times during its life. The handheld had so much potential that was never truly realised, with indie and Japanese devs doing their best to support the Vita when Sony did not.

Physical games will still be an option, so feel free to import any Japanese titles you may have missed, but we wouldn’t recommend buying any digital games just yet. Since downloading anything you’ve bought on the Vita requires the store, there’s a chance that previous purchases will no longer be available to redownload after August.

Of course, the closure of these stores has not been confirmed by Sony at the time of writing. However, if the report turns out to be true, expect an announcement within the next month or two.

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