Sony aiming to debut over 50 VTubers via new VEE project

Sony Music Group Japan is joining in on the current VTuber craze, starting “the largest virtual talent development and management project in history” VEE.

According to the official website, Sony aim to to debut more than 50 VTubers via VEE, which would certainly make it one of the biggest VTuber initiatives — if it succeeds.

VEE’s “three promises” also show how VTubers that debut with VEE will benefit. They’ll be treated the same as SMEJ’s other talents, given enough support to potentially thrive in what is becoming a saturated market.

Interestingly, one of these promises regards IP rights for the characters talents will portray, with Sony stating that they “hope to share the rights to your name and character with you in the future”. While this is somewhat vague, it does mean that VTubers should be able to continue as the same character even if they part ways with SMEJ.

Auditions have already started, but this is only open to residents of Japan. Whether Sony will start to recruit VTubers from other countries remains to be seen, though 50 from Japan alone is already an ambitious undertaking.

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