Soul Calibur II HD is available to download right now

I like fighting games A LOT. But I’m a bit of a snob – enjoying 2D, sprite-based fighters, almost exclusively. I say ‘almost’, because for a short while I did have a period of intense 3D fighter action – from Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast through to this, Soul Calibur 2 on the Gamecube. In my opinion, the last of the decent Soul Calibur’s.


While this new HD revamp doesn’t include Link  – a character I never used much anyway – it does give me an excuse to get to grips with Spawn and Heihachi – two characters which will be entirely new to me in this.


Soul Calibur 2 HD


As ever with these HD remakes – it’s looking a lot crisper (the previous gen titles were no slouch either) and it will also have the added bonus of online multiplayer of course.


Will my twin powerhouses of Taki and Astaroth prove to the dominant forces they one were? I’m guessing not. But one things for certain – that awesome intro sequence will choke me up real nice when I fire this baby up.


Soul Calibur II HD is available now. Like, RIGHT NOW on XBLA and PSN.


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