Spike Chunsoft opens “Nine Eyes TV” teaser site

Spike Chunsoft is teasing a new project via a mysterious site titled “Nine Eyes TV“.

The teaser site features nine eyes, each containing a riddle. By solving these riddles, the password “Nirvana Initiative” is revealed, allowing access to a countdown timer — set to end at around midnight JST on June 30.

Based on a few clues left throughout the site, the most likely candidate for what this could be teasing is an AI: The Somnium Files sequel. Eyes played an important part in the game’s story, explaining the site’s name and theme.

More conclusive evidence, however, is the fact that the Nine Eyes TV page links to “https://www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/ai-nirvana/en” (it’s currently unavailable at the moment). Seems like an odd site to link to if this isn’t related to AI in some way.

Spike Chunsoft aren’t new to ARGs, having given AI: The Somnium Files‘ A-set her own YouTube and Twitter accounts ahead of the game’s launch.

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