Splash! Magikarp New Smartphone Pokémon Game

The weakest Pokémon is getting his own mobile game. With the recent success Nintendo had on mobile The Pokémon Company is readying their new game. Splash! Magikarp is an upcoming title for iOS and Android made by the developers at Select Button.


The only information we have is via a teaser website which is in the form of a newspaper article. The article is about a local 27 year-old fisherman who uncovered two mysterious holes in the shape of magikarps. Sounds like something straight out of a Junji Ito manga.


While not much is known, if Select Button’s other games are anything to go by we will either be raising an innocent Magikarp as they try their best to evolve into a majestic Gyarados, or we will hunt them down, cook them and serve them up in a local restaurant. We are hoping for the latter.



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