Stan Lee’s THE REFLECTION Anime Promo Video Released

 Stan Lee’s THE REFLECTION Anime Promo Video Released

Comic book legend Stan Lee and DEEN Studio have teamed up to create the all-original THE REFLECTION anime, which will be streaming on Crunchyroll this Summer. It certainly does look like a much more Western anime, and it’s no surprise that it revolves around superheroes.


Watch the trailer below to see how it looks in motion. Personally, I’m not really digging the distinct art style but I’d like to give the show a proper go once it’s airing.



With the world robbed of sunlight after the terrible The Reflection Event, many people were granted superpowers. Some use them for good whilst others use them for bad, so THE REFLECTION follows the good superheroes protecting the world from villains. On top of all that, The Reflection Event is shrouded in mystery, with people finding out exactly what it was and why it happened.



THE REFLECTION, which will be twelve episodes long, begins streaming on Crunchyroll later this Summer, presumably on the 22nd alongside Japan’s airing on their NHK channel.

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