Star Ocean 5 – Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Announced for PlayStation 4 and 3

Square Enix have been teasing a game recently with the below image. It seemed like it would be a game that would be vaguely… star related. Famitsu thankfully cleared everything up by confirming today that the announcement was about Star Ocean 5, titled Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, in an interview the developers, tri-Ace, including Suichi Kobayashi-san, the game’s producer.


20150414_033153 Star Ocean 5


There’s no release date yet, and it’s currently about a third of the way through development. The game follows on from Star Ocean: The Last Hope which came out in 2009 on Xbox 360 and later in 2010 on PlayStation 3. It will be developed by tri-Ace, who are the usual Star Ocean developers. Images are from Famitsu.


1208327680505493095 Star Ocean 5


Not much is known about Star Ocean 5 yet, but here’s what we know from Famitsu’s interview with tri-Ace:


– Kobayashi wants Star Ocean 5 to feel a lot like Star Ocean 3 (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)

– The title “Integrity and Faithlessness” has multiple meanings, which will become clearer as you reach the end of the game

– The game’s logo is deliberately meant to resemble Star Ocean 3‘s logo

– Battle basics will remain the same as the older games

– Boss battles will be different, with party members fighting the bosses in different ways

– Kobayashi wants to see the series continue, and aims for Star Ocean 5 to not only be enjoyable for long-time fans, but to be good for newcomers too

– Development of the PS4 version is occurring alongside the basic, PS3 version

– They would like to utilise the PS4’s Share button

– They don’t want to include story DLC as they don’t want to upset fans by offering versions that are more “complete” than other versions


1208327680658137703 Star Ocean 5


1208327680784245095 Star Ocean 5


1208327680857521255 Star Ocean 5




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