Steam Game Festival February 2021 Edition starts today

The next Steam Game Festival will begin later today at 6PM GMT, bringing hundreds of game demos and developer livestreams until February 9.

The first Game Festival took place back in 2019, with Valve allowing more and more developers and publishers to join future events. In fact, the event page for this February Edition reveals that there’ll be over 500 demos to try out.

This of course means that there’ll be plenty of Japanese game demos, including one for the upcoming Gal*Gun Returns (don’t forget to take a look at our exclusive Birthday Suit Edition!).

Some publishers have even released demos ahead of the event, like Fruitbat Factory‘s Mamiya — according to the company, it boasts an impressive 5 to 10 hours of playtime!

Steam also has a few playlists available on its YouTube channel if you’re still unsure where to start, including ones for visual novels and RPGs.

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