Steam Prison Gets a Character Introduction Video

HuneX have uploaded a 7 minute video for their upcoming otome game Steam Prison. The video includes voiced self-introductions from the five main guys, and some information about Steam Prison‘s divided world.

After a great flood, the world was divided in two. The Upper World is a paradise for those who were chosen to be saved from the disaster, whereas the Steam City of the Underworld is inhabited by the condemned.


Cyrus was born and raised in the Upper World, and her sense of justice has led her to become an officer who protects the Upper World and maintains order. However, one day her duty sends her to the Underworld, and she must descend into a world of danger and face the unknown.


Steam Prison

Ichiiro Hako’s art and character designs look really pretty. The characters and unusual setting sound like it’ll make for an interesting game too! In particular, Cyrus seems like a nice change of pace from the otome protagonist’s usual role.


Steam Prison releases for PC on 16th December in Japan.

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