Steam version of Nier: Automata finally being updated

By all accounts, Nier: Automata was a massive success. But its release on Steam left many PC players frustrated, with performance issues and bugs having remained unfixed for years.

However, it looks like Square Enix might finally be addressing the port’s problems, announcing that an upgrade patch is currently in development.

While this is potentially great news for owners of the game on Steam, there’s still no guarantee that the port will actually be fixed.

Nier: Automata was released on the Windows Store and Xbox Game Pass earlier this year. This version was slightly different from its Steam counterpart, angering those that had been waiting for PC updates on the platform.

According to testing by Digital Foundry though, while some of the changes made to the Windows Store version were decent, Nier: Automata on PC still wasn’t fixed. Because of this, if the Steam upgrade just ends up being the Windows Store version, then it’ll still be a bad port.

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