Steins;Gate sequel announced, Anonymous;Code delayed again

A recent stream from developer Mages brought some fresh announcements for the Science Adventure series. The most important of these were yet another delay for Anonymous;Code, and the reveal of a new Steins;Gate project.

Mages president Chiyomaru Shikura presented a new trailer for Anonymous;Code, which featured the game’s main cast of characters. Amadeus Kurisu from Steins;Gate 0 also makes an appearance, hinting at stronger ties to previous Science Adventure games.

A revised release date for Anonymous;Code was also given, with it set to release during Fall 2021. Unsurprisingly, the Vita version has been dropped, being replaced by a Switch release alongside the PS4 version instead.

On the Steins;Gate side of things, a brand new game was teased. Its full name was not shown, though Chiyomaru’s comment of ‘Was there ever any guarantee the Steins Gate World Line would be a happy future?’ certainly sets the tone for this sequel (thanks to @DistantValhalla for the translation).

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