Steins;Gate The Movie Out Now in North America

Funimation have just released today Steins;Gate The Movie: Load Region of Déjà Vu as a Blu-ray and DVD Combi package in North America. This also features the celebrated English dub cast returning to reprise their roles from the series.



Check it out on Funimation (NA link)


Steins;Gate The Movie flips the script a little bit from the main series, with Kurisu this time having to save Okabe from not just death, but complete non-existence. It’s a fan-pleasing extension to the Steins;Gate story, in a way that’s different to the full on sequel that is Steins;Gate 0.


Steins;Gate The Movie Out Now in North America box dvd blu ray


The Steins;Gate movie—and grand finale to the original hit visual novel and anime series—Load Region of Déjà Vu is finally coming to North American Blu-ray and DVD after long anticipation! After being saved by everyone’s favorite mad scientist, now its Kurisu’s turn to save Okabe—not from death, but from nonexistence.


It’s nice to see a follow-up anime series movie that actually ads to the series and the franchise as a whole, rather than just being a cut up and shortened version of the anime series itself. It’s a trend that’s so common that some Steins;Gate fans’ eyes may have glazed over this one, so make sure you don’t!


Steins;Gate the Movie: Load Region of Déjà Vu is out now as a Blu-ray/DVD box set in North America, from Funimation.

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