Steins;Gate 0 Localisation is Complete for the West

PQube’s Head of Marketing has mentioned on Twitter that the localisation for Steins;Gate 0 is already complete – or at the very least a first draft. It’s only one vague tweet, but it’s comforting to know that progress is assuredly being made. PQube are bringing Steins;Gate 0 to NA & EU in 2016.


Considering it took the original Steins;Gate 5 years to make its way west (and then only on PC for a long time), it’s very promising to see Steins;Gate 0 getting such a fast turn around. Perhaps it has something to do with Steins;Gate‘s very successful western console release in 2015.


Steins;Gate 0 Localisation Opening Movie


We only have the one tweet to go on so far. We’re yet to see any assets of the localisation, and it’s most likely it’s not even implemented yet. The localisation being completed in some form is just the tip of an iceberg, but an encouraging one. There’s no going back now!


Steins;Gate 0 Localisation 2016 Key Art


PQube have still not announced a release date, but seeing the project coming along nicely halfway into the projected year of release (2016), it certainly seems to be on track.


Steins;Gate 0 is due to release in 2016 in both North America and Europe on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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