Steins;Gate Character Trailer Revealed

Steins;Gate is coming out June 5th, and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s a visual novel dripping with class, that tells a truly compelling story. And what narrative is complete without some high quality characters with plenty of depth? Steins;Gate is no different, starring plenty of hard to forget characters that really make it come to life. PQube has just released a character trailer to introduce everyone to the cast.



Steins;Gate really is comparable to some literary Sci-Fi masterworks, and that’s because it seems to understand proper storytelling. It’s not an excuse for some sexy art or some kind of ego-trip. The character you play as has just as much of a sense of character as everyone else.




Every character is very well-written, and not very two-dimensional at all. The story of Steins;Gate is great conceptually, but it’s really the characters the drive it onward, and are what makes it so hard to put down.



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