Steins;Gate T-Shirts (Rice Digital Exclusive) – An In-Depth Peek

You might have already seen that we’ve just started selling some exclusive official Steins;Gate t-shirts in our store. If you’ve not already bought one (or if you have), we thought we’d treat you to an in-depth closer look at the t-shirt designs now that we’ve got them in the office so you can see them in all their glory.


The full set won’t be printed until at least the 22nd, so orders placed before then are pre-orders! Don’t forget, we do also stock male sizes as well as just female sizes, so guys can get in on the action too!


Steins;Gate Worldline T-Shirt



To order the Steins;Gate Wordline T-Shirt click here!


Steins;Gate Triple Trouble T-Shirt



To order the Steins;Gate Girls T-Shirt click here!


Steins;Gate Blueprints T-Shirt



To order the Steins;Gate Blueprints T-Shirt click here!


IMG_20150511_114148 Steins;Gate T-Shirts


IMG_20150511_114152 Steins;Gate T-Shirts


IMG_20150511_114312 Steins;Gate T-Shirts


IMG_20150511_114339 Steins;Gate T-Shirts


IMG_20150511_114439 Steins;Gate T-Shirts


Take a look at the t-shirts in our store here!



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