MAGES. announce three new visual novels including Steins;Gate Zero

 MAGES. announce three new visual novels including Steins;Gate Zero

MAGES. announced earlier today that they’ll be developing three games including, Steins;Gate Zero, Anonymous;Code and Occultic;Nine, with Zero getting an anime adaptation too.


Steins;Gate Zero is what has everyone talking at the moment and it’ll focus on the Beta timeline, so it’s neither a reboot or a sequel but will explore an alternate timeline to what the original Steins;Gate followed. The original cast will all return with new designs and, as is the same for all three games here, it’ll be a visual novel.



The president of MAGES., Chiyomaru Shikura, is also known for writing his own novels which is what Occultic;Nine is based on. The name hints at what the game will be about, as it’ll revolve around nine people with occult-like traits such as a black mage and a cosplaying detective – they’ll all be working together to solve strange occurrences that normal people don’t notice.



The last game, Anonymous;Code, is a brand new idea from Shikura which, like Steins;Gate, focuses on Science and time travel. It sounds pretty out there as it revolves around a hacker who has hacked God, and can now load and save time – it’s a game, alright!



Platforms and release dates haven’t been discussed yet but it’s safe to assume that they’ll make their way to PC first, and most likely Sony platforms later. I’m excited for all three so I hope they all get localised, although Steins;Gate Zero I’m sure will be eventually!




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