Yuri Visual Novel Strawberry Vinegar Released on Switch

 Yuri Visual Novel Strawberry Vinegar Released on Switch

Strawberry Vinegar was originally released on itch.io for PC in 2016. Its writer and programmer, Ebi-hime, is a recognisable indie visual novel creator, with many of their titles available on Steam such as Asphyxia and Empty Horizons.

Strawberry Vinegar is a comedic slice-of-life visual novel that follows nine year old Sakuraba Rie, a bad-tempered pessimist with no friends. Her cookies catches the attention of the self-proclaimed demon Licia, caught stealing her baked goods in her kitchen. The game offers different endings, an original, fittingly sweet soundtrack by Yuzuki, and over 85k+ words of fluffy dialogue. This is topped off by the luscious and cute art by Sillyselly that looks good enough to eat!

Strawberry Vinegar is currently £7.99, 20% off its full price on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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