Yuri Visual Novel Strawberry Vinegar Released on Switch

Strawberry Vinegar was originally released on itch.io for PC in 2016. Its writer and programmer, Ebi-hime, is a recognisable indie visual novel creator, with many of their titles available on Steam such as Asphyxia and Empty Horizons.

Strawberry Vinegar is a comedic slice-of-life visual novel that follows nine year old Sakuraba Rie, a bad-tempered pessimist with no friends. Her cookies catches the attention of the self-proclaimed demon Licia, caught stealing her baked goods in her kitchen. The game offers different endings, an original, fittingly sweet soundtrack by Yuzuki, and over 85k+ words of fluffy dialogue. This is topped off by the luscious and cute art by Sillyselly that looks good enough to eat!

Strawberry Vinegar is currently £7.99, 20% off its full price on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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Lilia Hellal
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