Street Fighter Monopoly and Mario Chess!

Just thought I’d give a quick shout out to a couple of videogame boardgames that are currently doing the rounds at the mment – namely a very nice Limited Edition Mario-themed Chess Set that comes in a nice tin. And, my personal favourite – the Street Fighter Monopoly set. Bagsie Chun-Li’s bracelet! 😉


To be honest, I’m a bit rubbish at chess – but anything that allows me to see Toad go to-to-toe with a Goomba gets my vote. (Goomba wins btw)





You can buy the set right here for just £34.99 as opposed to the usual £59.99!


The Street Fighter Monopoly set is particularly nice – who wants to buy Old Kent Road when you can buy R.Mika’s face with ‘Bison Dollars’. The board pieces are also really cool, with Hadouken, Chun-Li’s bracelet and Vega’s mask.


This set is the Collector’s Edition version and will set you back a very reasonable £29.99 instead of the usual £49.99.






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