Street Fighter V Balrog Reveal Trailer, Juri & Urien Also Revealed

To celebrate the wrap up of the Capcom Pro Tour at CEO 2016 Capcom dropped a Street Fighter V Balrog reveal trailer, announcing that he would be joining the game along with Ibuki in the June update. On top of that, the trailer also teases Juri, and a surprisingly well-clothed Urien.



The Street Fighter V June update will add not only Ibuki as a playable character, but also Balrog. Not only that, but EVO founder Mr. Wizard has also announced that both characters will be tournament legal for the upcoming EVO 2016.


Street Fighter V Balrog 1


The trailer also reveals Juri and Urien as upcoming playable characters for Street Fighter V.



Street Fighter V Balrog Juri


Juri is a fan favourite South Korean Taekwondo from Super Street Fighter IV. She’s the first character in the series to use Taekwondo as her “thing”. She’s also the one who a lot of people think might be based on Jolyne Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.



Street Fighter V Balrog Urien


You would be forgiven for not recognising Urien at first in the Balrog trailer, as he’s wearing a lot more clothes than usual. Urien made his debut appearance in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, where he’s best known for his pants-clad fighting attire. In Street Fighter V it seems he’ll wear his business suit until battle, and not only in cutscenes. We can only hope for an alternate outfit.


Street Fighter V Balrog Urien Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Pants Man
Bow before the pants man.


What do you think about how the Street Fighter V roster is swelling with all this additional DLC? Let us know!

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