Street Fighter V to get Cyber-Akuma costume DLC next week

Street Fighter V is bringing back Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter’s Cyber-Akuma as a costume for regular ol’ Akuma on September 21, developer Capcom announced today.

It’s one of 26 costumes being added to Street Fighter V as part of its Season 5 Premium Pass.

This isn’t the first time Cyber-Akuma has been made into a costume, having appeared in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as DLC. However, the character himself has never been playable in any game since Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.

Another costume will be shown off after the Street Fighter League Season 3 US Finals on September 16, 2021.

Season 5 is the final set of DLC for Street Fighter V (for real this time). Capcom revealed newcomer Luke earlier this year as the last addition to the roster, who will be “a key player in the future of Street Fighter”.

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