Street Fighter V patch brings Dan Hibiki, new V-Shift mechanic

Patch 3.05 for Street Fighter V has been released, adding in fan-favourite Dan Hibiki, an addition way to use V-Gauge, and a long list of balance changes.

Dan is his usual goofy self, securing his place as the “joke character” of the series, while still having a unique moveset that’s fun to use.

As demonstrated in his gameplay trailer, both of Dan’s V-skills allow for move cancelling, leading to long combo strings if used correctly.

Another major addition is the introduction of V-Shift, allowing players to parry attacks at the cost of V-gauge. It opens up new ways to escape from consistent pressure, with a flashy animation to go with it.

A full list of changes in Street Fighter V Patch 3.05 can be found in this PDF uploaded by Capcom. It’s a hefty document, detailing everything that has been reworked due to the inclusion of V-Shift.

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