Street Fighter V Season 3 Pass Adds Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, & Sagat

With Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition coming very soon, it’s time to step up to a new generation of Street Fighter V. Season 2 is over, but the evolution isn’t. On top of SFV Arcade‘s adjustments, Capcom have announced a Street Fighter V Season 3 Pass, and all the characters you can expect!



So far the first character, Sakura, already has her own trailer. You can expect trailers for the others to follow as the pass rolls out!



The most important news is, of course, that Sakura is back. And Blanka, I guess. And everyone else.



To be honest, Capcom are really doubling down on nostalgia for this one — and for a lot of their other properties at the moment. You’ve got the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection also having just been announced, and the old school styled Mega Man 11.


If that’s not enough, pre-ordering the Season 3 pass also nabs you extra skins and “nostalgia” costumes!




But where’s Q? G can move aside, there’s only room in my heart for one single-lettered fighter.


Street Fighter V Arcade Edition launches 16th January 2018 alongside the Season 3 pass for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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