Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia Arcade Edition On The Way

UDON have revealed the upcoming Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia Arcade Edition, and it’s heading this way in Spring! It’s ideal to learn the background and story of the characters, from their blood type to their fighting style. This version has been updated with more than 40 new pages, including the Street Fighter V cast and lore.


The cover art:


street fighter world warrior


The book is basically a Street Fighter bible, and features art from Genzoman, Jo Chen, Arnold Tsang and more. You’ll get an in-depth look at each character, their history, and stats, as well as an overall view of the lore in Street Fighter. The book releases on April 14 2020 and you can pre-order now (we’ll link below).



street fighter world warriors


This isn’t the only great Street Fighter book from UDON, they’ve also got an incredible Street Fighter Swimsuit Collection!


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