Studio Ghibli’s Forgotten Concept Art

Had to share these with you all this morning – they’re stunning Studio Ghibli concept artworks. Absolutely gorgeous watercolours from Miyazaki himself. Below you’ll find concept art from some of his most iconic works, and then, nearer the bottom, storyboards from the unreleased 1980’s Mononoke’s Princess. 



There’s something so magical and captivating about all of these images – we hope you enjoy them.


 Studio Ghibli Concept Art My Neighbour Totoro


Her first tentative steps into the tree…


Studio Ghibli Concept Art  Panda Kopanda


Sketch and colour from Panda Kopanda


Studio Ghibli Concept Art Princess Mononoke


The incredible Princess Mononoke – this is an awesome image…


Studio Ghibli Concept Art Sherlock Hound


Sherlock Hound is… er…  actually… what IS he doing?


Studio Ghibli Concept Art Spirited Away


Spirited Away – probably the  one film that really brought Ghibli to a wider western audience.


Studio Ghibli Concept Art  Howl's Moving Castle


One of my all time favourites – Howl’s Moving Castle.


Below you’ll find four sections of a Story Board for the unreleased Mononoke’s Princess. If you look carefully, you can see many elements and influences that you’ll spot in his later works…


Studio Ghibli Concept Art Story Board Mononoke's Princess 1



Studio Ghibli Concept Art Mononoke's Princess 3

Studio Ghibli Concept Art Mononoke's Princess 1



If you’d like to see more pictures from the archive – hit the SOURCE



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