Summer Lesson Alison Snow Trailer Released

 Summer Lesson Alison Snow Trailer Released

We’re approaching Summer now and what better way to spend your time than teaching a girl how to read and speak Japanese? With the Summer Lesson Alison Snow trailer released, Bandai Namco hope you’ll be able to relax and forget your daily life momentarily, allowing you to relax with Alison.


I don’t own a PlayStation VR but I’d quite like to give this a try. Watch the trailer below, featuring some lovely English singing.



You have seven days to teach Alison Japanese, and she’s going to need more than just me tutoring her because I know very little Japanese — sorry Alison! Bandai Namco claim that “Healing” is Alison Snow’s theme, as speaking with her and enjoying the warm, Summer breeze should let you forget about life’s troubles for a while.


First print copies come with two outfits which you can see below.


summer lesson alison snow trailer 1

summer lesson alison snow trailer

Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Garden of Seven Days releases in Japan on 22nd June, with no word of it heading to the West.

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