Explore girl’s bedroom, VR-style, in the totally not creepy Summer Lesson

Summer Lesson looks amazing. Not because I’m some kind of disgusting creep, but because it actually looks like an amazing little demo. So light! So sunny! The prospect of engaging in very rudimentary communication with a school girl – which basically boils down to just staring at her and nodding my head – is too alluring for words.


It’ll be like recreating almost every single encounter I ever had with a girl when I was in Year 9.




There was this one time when I was actually, really in a girl’s bedroom when I was 13 years old. We were watching a bad VHS copy of Dirty Dancing, and I was so excited I was literally paralyzed by the almost fatal heightening of raw pubescent emotion.


summer lesson


Seriously, there was one point when she bent over the side of her bed to retrieve some animal erasers that ‘smelled really nice’  and for a second there my heart was beating so fast I honestly felt like it was going to explode. From that point on, I really needed to go to the bathroom – but I was still wearing my shorts from cross country practice, and getting up to go to the toilet would have been Officially The Worst Thing I Could Have Possibly Done.




I’m not sure if Tekken Team are going to recreate that part. Or the part where her dad came in and offered to shake my hand, And I Really Totally Couldn’t Get Up And Do The Right And Proper Greeting Thanks Mr Heartwell, so came across like a totally impolite little shit and not at all how my mother brought me up to behave.


So yeah, Tekken Team then. Making a VR demo for Project Morpheus, where you’re in a girl’s bedroom and can look and nod at her a lot. Arguably a bit voyeuristic. Weather looks nice though.


Watch the video.


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