Summer Lesson Two New English Trailers

Bandai Namco has released two new trailers for Summer Lesson with English subtitles. The first one shows off the “Second Contact” update which gives you additional ways to interact and adds six new dresses to the mix.





Trailer focuses on the sense of touch and will let you massage Hikari Miyamoto with bug ointment (in a non-perverted way mind you), as well as share a delicious cake. The second trailer has Hikari wearing a variety of cute maid outfit.


Summer Lesson is already out in Japan, however the Asia version with English subtitles will hit store shelves in early 2017. The game is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and requires a PlayStation VR to run. Despite how it may sound the game is surprisingly tame, but if you are looking for something a bit more dirty VR Kanojo has you covered.



You can watch the first English announcement trailer if you haven’t already.


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