Super Bomberman R 8-Players… After a Bit of a Struggle!

Super Bomberman R 8-Players is totally something you can do on the Nintendo Switch. By using each Joy-con “half” horizontally 8 people can play the game at once locally on one TV. It’s a lot of fun, though getting it set up took a while! ^-^;;



This is probably the rawest and most real video we’ve ever upload. 11 minutes of hardcore trying to set up a multiplayer match. I’m sure it’s all pretty relatable for anyone who’s tried to get a bunch of people together for a local game. But it’s all part of the fun. You can also take a look at the match that ensued below. It’s pretty chaotic as you might expect.



It has to be said — it was a lot of fun. The action in Super Bomberman R might not be the best action in Bomberman ever, but the spirit is there, and having 8 people playing a game together is always going to result in a fun time. Is it worth £50 and the costs of 3 extra pairs of Joy-Cons just for that? Maybe not. But if everyone already has their own Joy-Cons already (as we did), then maybe… Just maybe.


Ultimately though, that’s a cost decision that only you can make. Can you really put a price on some pure fun with your friends? No, maybe you can’t after all.

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